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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

Originally Posted by River View Post
My brothers bike got stolen, but out of his open garage while he was inside, so it wasn't locked. I was riding my bike today and saw a cut lock laying right next to a bike rack. The guy who sold me my bike kit (haven't got it yet) is giving me some loctite, so I'm not really worried about the engine itself getting stolen, but I was going to rid it to school and I'm worried someone is going to mess with it while I'm not there, like pour something on it to screw it up or something. I was going to use several locks, put a lock on the back tire so its unrideable if it is stolen, lock the front tire to the rack, and lock the frame to the rack, maybe via the handlebars. I was thinking I would put a really heavy duty lock (maybe one that claims its "indestructable") for locking the frame to the rack, and cheaper locks on the tires. Maybe taking the gas tank off and put it in my backpack? Any ideas for either locking the bike, or preventing someone from messing with it, would be greatly appreciated.
They do make a heavy duty lock. We had truble with people cutting chaine and lock at a privet camp site. Untill I got some heavy temperd chaine and a heavy lock. That has been 6years ago. The lock has marks on it were they tried to cut but couldn't.
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