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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

if u get real fancy u could put ur gas tank in and old ammo can lock that up but ur best bet it is make sure u turn the fuel line off and these two things
1 always look inside the tank before starting up
2 put little sharpie lines on the cap and tank and when u park line those lines up if some1 puts in back on their not gona take time to line it up (did this in 4 yrs ago in high school)

3 u should be able to pop off the front wheel and put it up against the back whell their by locking the frame and whells and always pop ur seat off and take it with u had to ride home with no seat some a!! stole mine

for locks go u lock or cable u cant cut a cable with bolt cutters i used to use a cable and a u lock other than the seat nothing got stolen

good luck if u find a locking gas cap let me know
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