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Default Re: Bike stolen Glendale, AZ 7/11/2010

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I E'd the 3 local guys that do bikes here, guess what...
Aaron got a call last night from a guy with an motorized bicycle he "got from a roommate that owed him money" and the bike had no spark and some kind of keyswitch on the ignition and could he buy a new CDI from him ;-}

The caller ID was blocked but the guy has to look for the part because my system works so well.
With any luck the punk will call him back and Aaron is willing to set up a sting.
Not with me (as much as I would like to teach him a lesson in person) but with the cops.

My roommate "womaned up" today too. The first thing she did when walked in from work was lay $200 cash on me and said that ya, it was probably her that left the garage door open and she would pay me back the rest.

Heck, it was as much my fault (not putting a lock on it) as hers so that is good for me.
With any luck though it will be a moot point and we catch the punk anyway.

You can scoff at my system if you like, but I'll give 2 to 1 odds that I get the guy and my bike back because of it. $17.95 for the perfect DIY parts is pretty cheap insurance.
Now we'll see if it actually pays off.
(crosses fingers)
Awesome. Yeah those key lock's are cool, I'll buy one when my kit sihps.
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