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Default Hello from the midwest

Hi everybody -
This seems like a great place to trade ideas and learn from other's successes and mistakes. The bike i'm planning on using is a mid-size mountian bike with front suspension. no disc brakes, which people in the e-bike community seem to recommend a lot, where as i haven't seen much about using disc brakes on gas-engine bikes - are the standard bicycle brakes sufficiently safe when going that fast?
I have been reading as much as i can on the subject, and from what i have found it looks like the best engine for me would be the grubee 80(66)cc skyhawk. $159 from gasbike dot net was the best price i found.

the shifter kit from sick bike parts looks like it would be easier on the engine, and more importantly have the ability to go faster, which is my main reasons for getting a bike engine

the most common problems it seems (once its all mounted and running) is the chain tension (it looks like a spring chain tensioner is the way to go) - also the carborator - is this something i'm going to need to check all the time?

i think i'm going to order an engine kit tonight, are there any other parts that i will need eventually that i should just get right away? - any other tips before i dive into this?
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