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Default Re: What gas is best?

Originally Posted by jauguston View Post

You have brainwashed if you believe electric cars are the answer to air polution. All a electric car does is relocate the point of polution from its tail pipe to the location of the smoke stack of the natural gas or coal fired generating plant that created the electricity that car is using.
There is really no practical replacement for oil in the forseeable futire. A big step would be to get busy and build nuclear power plants as fast as we can build them. Tough to do with the powerful enviromental lobby. sadly there are no easy answers. When ever we ride our HT powered bike instead of drive a car we can say we do our small part.

Aren't we a tad off topic here ? was a simple question about it's a full blown political statement......this forum is for bikes.....thus should include just bikes.....sheesh !

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