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Default Re: What gas is best?

Originally Posted by jauguston View Post
If you are going to suggest consumers boycott BP because they had a accident maybe you should add your neighbor refiner up the road called Tesoro that has been killing people for years in their Anacortes plant.
Well, it wasn't on purpose, but they were drilling with HIGHLY damaged equipment, and they knew it. My neighbor goes down there and reports on the oil spill and supervises cleanups and stuff. I wouldn't say that it was on purpose (hopefully), I don't think their intentions were not to make a huge oil spill and run themselves out of business (although Ben Bernanke will just write them a check for a few $1,000,000,000) but it definitely could have been prevented. I say whoever gave them permission to drill offshore *cough*(Bush)*cough* is where a lot of the blame should go. The fact that they aren't doing anything effective thing to fix it, it what gets me the most, the BP CEO was on a cruise a couple weeks ago.
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