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Default Re: Hello From Sparks, NV

The seat post makes a world of difference on the PB with those huge cattle horn handle bars. Really does. A buddy of mine made them for me. That is a solid peice of metal.

If your on dial-up, your cursing me right now eh? lol

Ya know, I had to think about why I did use this one bike over and over. I build em here and there and have a bunch of bikes around. (well, the wife keeps confiscating the classic old ones saying "that's 2 pretty to put a motor on" cracks me up)

Has become an emotional bond, I would like to say but a large part is just lazy. It's already set up, beat up an' put up wet.

I think it is Bairdco who uses old handle bars to make lay back seat posts. Bent post really makes the PB so much funner a ride. I was gonna ask you about yours. I just havn't seen one with so small an angle. Spooky has em with a lil support bar that I have been meaning to try.
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