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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

i dunno what you'd have to do in florida to register it. in california, it's just 19 bucks and send in the paperwork. no insurance or anything is required. check with your DMV website.

gas cap, i dunno either. you'd just have to match one up.

i wouldn't worry about locking up a back wheel, because with the two chains it's such a pain to get it off, it'd take awhile for somone to try to steal it. also, most Ulocks you can put it through the wheel and the frame at the same time.

same with the motor. it would take so long to pull the chain, cut the wires, etc, it just wouldn't be worth it.

most thefts are "thefts of opportunity." leaving it unlocked or an open garage where they can just ride it away. if thieves have to work at it, they're more likely to leave it alone.
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