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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

Well where I live, I could keep my garage open all day, and nothing would be gone. I live in a pretty populated city, but my house is down a dirt road, with tons of trees, it is at least 100 yards from any main road,, I'm not worried about it getting stolen at home, and I know all my neighbors really well, they wouldn't steal anything from me. My main concern is when I'm out riding, and have to lock it up at a rack where there isn't a lot of people, target for instance, there are always people there, coming in, going out, but the bike rack is not on the same side as the intrance, the only thing next to the rack is the bench where every once in a while, there is an employee on break.

I forgot about Ulocks, thats what I need! So I'm thinking at least 1 ulock, to lock the frame to the rack, maybe another to lock the wheel to the rack. And I looked at that keylock ignition, I think I will be getting one of those for sure.

Where can I get a locking gas cap? Are these tank's caps generally the same size as motorcycles? If they are, auto zone would probably have one. I guess I will jsut do all of those things, try and park in busy places, and hope for the best. If I did get it registered, wouldn't I need to insure it, get a driver's license, etc?
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