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Default Re: How do you prevent your bike from getting stolen or messed with?

Originally Posted by River View Post
My brothers bike got stolen...
...Maybe taking the gas tank off and put it in my backpack?
Taking the gas tank off and trying to carry it around? heheh, Naw, not a good idea bud ;-}

A good lock and ignition switch are the easiest for you and hardest for a would be thief.

I didn't do the lock yesterday afternoon and one of mine was stolen because my ditsy roommate left the garage door open.
I do however have the satisfaction of knowing they won't be able make it run until put a new CDI on it because I epoxy my unique ignition keyswitch module on the CDI and it was turned off.

The jerk that stole it may be able to force the keyswitch but unlikely. The 4 tumbler switches I use are for things like cash registers and servers, and trying to force the module off is likely to rip the cdi wires out rendering it useless.

3 other easy things are turn both gas valves off, and disengage the the clutch lock so it won't roll unless they engage it.
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