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Default Modern Retro

So this is my second build. I ordered it from (whic i will never do again, btw), but that is another story. Anyway, I went to walmart and bought a cheap little $75 bike (because it looked awesome). This is a Huffy Cranbrook. It looks like a beach cruiser that was built back in 1957 or around then. I even got a little wicker basket to put on the front and am considering putting a bell, lol, i am having fun with this one. I am using a grubee skyhawk 48 cc (i have had this engine before, and only had minor problems with it, like an unexplained loss of power after about 500 miles), so pretty good motor i think. although, i am also working on a third build for my wife (we are building them together) and her is a grubee starfire (cheap-o), and her motor outperforms mine already, lol. I love doing these. I can't wait to get these done, especially my modern retro one...will post pics as soon as finished.
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