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Default Re: Hello from Japan

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
Crazy Horse, did you make these?!?!?! They look cool too. The frame set-up reminds me of the old Riedel Imme I saw in a museum long ago (and wanted rather badly).
No Allen Wrench, I did not make these Honda Mono-shock bikes.

These 2004 only made 1 year Honda Solo 50cc bikes were made in Japan by Honda Motorcycle Co, and only sold in Japan.

I was hoping that forum member SaVaKaN, could post a Link on where to find one.

Hopefully it can be brought into the USA without any trouble!

I have a friend here whose parents are South African diplomats, and he was able to have his Porsche shipped from South Africa, of course being diplomats they were able to bring a non USA approved vehicle into the states.

That Porsche is evil not having the smog anti pollution extra's built into it to slow it down.

SaVaKaN, let me know if you can find a ( Honda Solo 50cc ), would be nice if you could post a Link to one for sale.

Peace Crazy Horse.
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