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Default Re: sturmey archer front dynamo debaucle?!

BTW - I'm glad ya liked the copper line to hide/protect the wiring & after seeing the pics of yer ride;

(which looks freakin' sweet!), I had the thought that if you wanted you could use stainless automotive brake lines to do the same (stainless lookin' more appropriate w/yer chrome I think), but even steel ones could be painted... heck the stuff even comes in colors these days lol

Ya'd just need a bending/flaring kit, they can be cheap like this one: OTC 4503 - Stinger Fractional Double Flaring Tool Kit OTC-4503 OTC4503 OTC 4503 (I dunno about that retailer tho) - the cheapo won't like the stainless line much, but it'll work.

Just a thought
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