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Default REAL 80+ CC Happy Times!

HI All,

I was just looking at an old partially disassembled engine today and was thinking of a low $$ way to increase displacement and power...

Recasting an entire cylinder would probably be expensive so I thought to myself....what about just making a spacer that fits on the bottom of the cylinder jug and make a new connecting rod (of course slightly longer studs would be needed too).....the longer stroke will add displacement and many additional cc would 1/8 more give you?....How about 1/4 inch more?...Of course hopefully there will be enough clearance inside the crankcase?

I know connecting rods can be made of aluminum so machining a rod shouldn't be too difficult....of course the balance issue comes into play BUT since we are using the same piston maybe it won't be too far off?

Minor porting for the additional displacement may be necessary but then again maybe not.....same fuel / air mix with a longer stroke should yied tons of torque...

So what do you think? Seems like it wouldn't be too expensive to get more from our engines!

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