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Default Re: Hello From Sparks, NV

Love them Point Beachs! The one in the vid started out with a dax 70 2 smoker. Then went to a BoyGoFast, then to a Honda GX50 and now has a Harbor Freight 79cc. The brake pads and tires that came with it were the longest lasting I have ever had on a MB. The front wheel still lives and is on another MB. Replaced it with a Worksman drum brake. The HF tore up every cheapo rear wheel I had. (The thing is a monster) Aside from the poor bearing cages, the PB just rocks! Getting heavy duty springer forks for her this week. It would be a guess, but easily have 5K miles on her with no major failures. Was testing the HF prototype early winter until now. I was trying to beat on it to see what would fail on the engine and tranny. The PB is still kicking. This is a vid of her now. Some crashes, me learning bicycle maintenance and a real ruff winter later.

HF, whisper drive video by dan3xd - Photobucket
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