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Default I'm afraid to ride my bike anywhere

I originally bought my kit to get back and forth to town. Well iv'e put a big 90 miles on it since march. Seems like something always breaks heres whats left my walkin

REar hub blew (within 20 miles) upgraded to shimano hub
Flat tire -running thorn proof tubes now
Carb ears broke off - bought a carb from BGF
Intake studs stripped- retapped to 1/4-20 thanks Jim
Chain tensior broke- shortened chain now running no tensioner
spark plug boot broke- got a SBP wire now

Seems like i've had maybe three good trips on it. The other bike I built for my neighbor has over 300 miles on it in two months he rides the crap out of it and nothing has broke. just kinda like everytime i ride going whats gonna break next on mine
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