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Default Re: Micargi Vs. Huffy

When it comes down to it, most if not all of these bikes utilize the same components and are generally built out of the same materials. If you're only spending a hundred or so on the bike, expect to get what you pay for. I have been using Micargi's simply due to the fact that they are all metric, and with a metric motor it makes for an easy tool kit. My carry-kit has a flathead and phillips head screwdriver, a pair of pliers, a socket wrench and about 4 different sockets that work on the entire bike. Always go for an upgraded hub, or be prepared to spend money every few months getting the stock one fixed or replaced. I personally take my 68 spoke rims and triple line them with aluminum duct tape and that has worked like a charm for not getting spokes puncturing the tires, and I always use a secondary set of V or Caliper brakes and try to avoid using the coaster brake unless absolutely necessary, as that's the component most likely to seize up and crap out on you.

Don't drill into the frames. they weren't meant to be mounted with the motors, and I've cracked a few frames completely within hours of start up on my original builds due to the vibration of the 66cc engine on it..
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