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Default Re: Attn: guys that run 100 to 1

Originally Posted by fm2200 View Post
The opti2 oil that was shipped to me came with the warning about E-85 (thanks Kevlarr your right). I can remember you posting how your engine bogged down with no power,Tom, so something must of happened since. You even told me about it on a telephone conversation a while back. Maybe it was the Chris Hill engine I can't remember but you said it caused the engine to barely run it was running slower than ever. You have either a short memory or you used a richer mix than the 100 to 1. Correct me if I'm wrong but I clearly remember having that phone conversation, you said you barely made it home with your bike.
Glen I believe you missed the point; that being that I have 4 other 2 stroke engines that all perform perfectly on Opti-2 mixed with 10% ethanol. Yes, you are correct about the Chris Hill engine. It did poorly and to date we can only guess as to why. The best opinion I've seen has to do with the high milage engine initially being run on standard 2 stroke oil and the difference in the way the rings seated (if they ever did correctly). My opinion still stands, that when used as directed by the manufacturer from break in, Opti-2 is a superior lubricant to standard 2 stroke oil mixed to 32:1, more or less.
I'm not up on what ethanol % is available, or mandated in other parts of the country and there is a possibility that Opti might not do as well with a higher alcohol content. I'm not aware of any reports of this and can only tell you what experience I've had with the Colorado blend.
As for short term memory loss; at my age...that's not unusual.
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