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Originally Posted by snobord28 View Post
HI Im still new to this stuff I and had a question. I usually ride every day, I let her sit for 2 days and she feels a little different. like it doesnt like to 2 stroke very much and its a little less powerfull, but smoother. Im gonna clean my plug and check if that helps but the main question is, my carb used to drip gas from the bottom when off and I was ok with that. Now no more drips, of gas so am I not getting same amount of gas in bowl due to float mabye sicking or something? Thanks all

It could be that the carb bowl gasket has swelled up from contact with the gas. Sometimes this will stop the drips.

My latest bike had only about 2 tanks run through it, and when I got it I went to 32:1 and started riding it hard. Hard meaning, wide open and then slow down to 5mph or so, then wide open again etc. I also ran hills to help seat the rings. It's quieter and runs twice as good as when I started, and tops out at about 35 mph.
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