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Default Re: Questions from a new member

First off - welcome to the forum! I think it's great yer doing a father & son build, what a great project for that

The chain gettin' tighter and looser is a sure sign of the rear sprocket not being perfectly centered (as humanly possible anyway), as the sprocket gets further back - the chain will tighten & the opposite for when it's looser. The kit supplied "rag joint" sprocket mount is a pain and that's a fact, but loosening the bolts, spinning the wheel and using a marker to hit the high spots, then tapping it w/a rubber mallet or wooden block helps get ya there, marking the back of the sprocket when the chain is tight helps get the first high spot, but you'll prolly have the chain off while adjusting the sprocket *shrug*

(what you cant see in this pic is my arm is braced on a chair to keep my hand from shaking, prolly better off using the chainstay to steady... mebbe drinkin' a lil less coffee than I do too heh)

As for the in-line filter... well, there's usually an in-tank screen filter attached to the petcock and that might well be enough, but many prefer a good in-line filter instead as it's easy to see if there's gunk build up and does filter better than the one in the tank. Some have experienced problems with the in line filters that have a paper element as the oil in the two stroke fuel seems to reduce flow - with that in mind I'd reco a clear one with a metal mesh in it for peace of mind, like this;

Just remember that the lil arrow on it is direction of flow - not "this side up" a common mistake as the filter does kinda look upside down when installed correctly

Good ta have ya here, lookin' forward to seen a few pics if ya get the chance

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