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Default Re: Different Style Tanks?

Honestly Goat, despite the fact Ima DIYer, made my own tank & diggit when others do too, $300 for a stainless tank all fabbed up and ready to go really isn't that bad a price, particularly considering the additional markup needed for resale through a retailer. Stuff adds up quick too - 20ga stainless can run up to around $15- $20 per square foot (depending, actually more as there's a LOT of cut-off wastage), a 2lb spool of stainless MIG wire another $30ish (don't ferget argon etc. & he's prolly TIGing them - but that's not really any cheaper) and labor? lol, while it's not that bad & even fun - it's time consuming as all get-out. While I'm capable and have the resources to make tanks to sell - I've no interest in puttin' that kinda time into it heh, glad someone does tho

So... while I'll freely admit Ima cheap SOB and I'd make my own too, even that if the price was lower there'd be more potential buyers, I really don't think the price is more than the tank is worth and I'm defo glad there's an option for those that simply can't make it themselves, for FAR too long all we had were the gdang peanut tanks heh

It'd be interesting to see if the price could be brought down some tho - through popularity (sell more & cover initial setup costs) or offering a mild steel version for less? *shrug* Spend time/spend money - even both, whichever ya choose the nicer boardtrackers ain't cheap

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