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Default re: Huffy Santa Fe Motorized Bicycle

I got that nut off that held the coaster brake arm, must have taken 150 ft/lbs. All the parts of the hub started spilling out all over and I was trying to catch the order of things. I got it right because it went back together, but there is still all kinds of slop so more work is needed on that.

After I got the arm off, I went to work on assembling the sprocket. That was going ok, but I put every single bolt on backwards and had to redo it. That was probably a good thing because I found the "star pattern" that someone posted(asianflava) and I used it and it helped alot. The backplates almost fit right, which is where I found my first criticism of the kit. Those rag things came bent in half with a big old kink which really added to the work.

Next step after I corrected my bolt mistake was to put the wheel on and see how it rolled. That was where I noticed the excessive play in the hub, but the spocket seems to be true relative to the wheel.

Two other things I did were to grind the dust cap and bend the coaster arm in a vise.

Now some questions for those with experience:

Is it possible all the slop in the hub is because I got a bearing backwards?

Is it ok to pack the hub full with bearing grease?
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