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Default Re: Attn: guys that run 100 to 1

in the link that "momentummotorgroup" posted, the last line stands out "...The harder the engine is run, the more effective the lubricant becomes..."

i totally believe in that statement. like i've been saying, i run it 100:1 from day one at full throttle for extended periods of time, and it just works. my first motor was broken in the conventional way, 24, then 32:1 valvoline from autozone, and it took a month of hard riding before it finally broke in, and that motor was never as strong as my others.

besides the ride around the block, i rode my latest motor 35 miles at WOT with almost no stops, not even for lights (Newport Beach to Signal Hill on PCH, miles between lights,) then hung out all day, then rode back. temps were 85 degrees, and the return trip was against the wind the whole way.

the motor loved it, i loved it, the environment loved it.

bottom line is, you'll never know it works until you try it, and if you don't try it, then you have no room to debate it. how can you pass judgement without making an actual comparison yourself?

the real bottom line is, if Opti2 was beer, i'd drink it.
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