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Default Re: Attn: guys that run 100 to 1

I've read about people's engine's overheating when running 100:1 in their engines. I've also seen pictures of guys that run their engines too rich with Saber, and it's just all gross and oily inside.

In that respect, I am currently running ~50:1 in my engine with a mixture of Amsoil Saber and some Marvel Mystery Oil. I replaced 20% of my Saber with MMO as in the directions, so I'm actually running 62:1 Saber and .5 ounces of MMO per gallon to get me down to about 50:1. My hopes are that the MMO will clean out all of the crappy non-synthetic oil I was running at 32:1 during my break-in period, and also, it will clean up any potential build up that the Amsoil will produce by running it too rich, while also protecting my engine from heat.

I have to say, ever since I switched to Saber with MMO, my engine is about 40% quieter, not to mention my exhaust smells like peppermint from the MMO. Lol.

Edit: Also I have to add, I chose Saber over Opti2 because Opti2 isn't synthetic. Go to their website and read what it is. Here's a quote I pulled from Google:

"Opti-2 is NOT a synthetic. I always thought so too, until I called the company and spoke with the president himself. It is actually a parafin based product, so he said I should not refer to it as synthetic. Gets sticky sometimes with the all the types being hawked these days (eg. Semi synthetic, SUV synthetic, older engine formula, etc.)."

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