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I switched to Opti-2 after talking to a guy that works at our local hardware store that sells Opti-2. They have a large construction equipment rental yard as well. He said ten years ago they started sending out gas mixed with Opti-2 at 100-1 with every two stroke engine powered piece of equipment they rent. They have not had a oil attributed engine problem - not one. There is another big equipment rental place here locally and they switched to Opti-2 nine years ago. Again not one oil related engine problem.

He explained the reason they switched was that every differend brand of equipment that had a two stroke on it had a different recommended gas-oil mix. In the rental yard business having different mixes for different equipment is just not practical. Now everything gets Opti-2 at 100-1. If engines in a equipment rental enviroment do well using it it is surely good enough for my HT.

Opti-2 is made 15 miles from here and they have used some of the rental yard engines to track wear.

Opti-2 was the one that ten years ago talked the rental yard manager into trying their stuff and it has been a success.

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