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Default Finally! Got a motorized bicycle!


Bought the bike with the motor already installed for $140. it's a 70cc (though he said 80) that he says he got from Dax. He's had it for quite some time, though I didn't ask how long.

The bike is an older Schwinn Moab. I haven't decided yet if I'll keep this bike, or put the motor on my bike (99 or 98 Nishiki Bravo)and sell the Schwinn. The brakes are kinda scary on the bike...meaning they don't work. I just really don't like cantilever brakes at all. It just doesn't stop well. Has the click shifters instead of the grip shifters though, which is nice. Not to mention it has a kickstand, which I haven't had since I was 14 or so.

The clutch cable needs to be lubed and/or replaced. it's very very stiff. Eventually I think I'd like to get a larger sprocket so I can start out at a slower speed...I want as little pedaling as possible

Anyway, I don't have pics of my own yet because I'm at work and I just picked it up and it's in the back of my car, lol. So here are the pics from Craigslist.

P.S. My wife is going to kill me
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