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Default Re: Blow By U First Production Build Felt Twin

Originally Posted by Scrooge1 View Post
Great looking bike. Will the tank actually become the gas tank? Why is this bike called a twin? It has two wheels and two pedals, but only one of everything else as far as I can see.
Hi Scrooge1
Yes Billy Goat Green really is a beautiful bike and you don't truly get to see what the real beauty of the paint is until you see it in the sun light the paint just pops and every one that sees it says they want it. Yes and the top tube is a fuel tank now and has been pressure tested for more than 24 hours and no air loss the only thing left to do is install the fuel shut off valve and then the tank is complete and it holds a half gallon of fuel. Now the name twin is just a name that Felt choose for the bike it is styled after a motorcycle from Great Brittan hence the ID plate on the front and rear of the bike that says GBR 750 and my thought is that the bike was styled after a 750cc twin cylinder engine hence the name Twin that is my best guess.

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