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Default Re: Attn: guys that run 100 to 1

now that i'm awake, i'll elaborate a little. after reading about it here first, instead of getting caught up in the debates like most people, i went to the Opt2 site and read all i could about it.

still not totally convinced, i called Opti2 and talked to a guy named Brad for about an hour. He's a great guy, and really goes out of his way to make you a believer, without sounding like he's selling you snake oil, and went even further out of his way to find me a local dealer, and went so far as to ask me if i wanted to be a distributor of the stuff.

so, i was pretty much convinced, but still had my doubts, and then i thought, "hey, i've got 3 motors. i'm hot-rodding this one and spinning it around backwards anyway so my warranty is instantly voided, and i still have another one in the box, so what's the worst that could happen?"

and the worst thing that happened was, now i gotta sit here and type out the virtues of Opti2 over and over, because some people will never get it and would rather have a slow, smoky, stinky bike that takes 3 tanks of goo before it runs ok, and will never run up to it's potential no matter what.

so, whatever. make jokes. use whatever oil you want. i'll even let you have the last laugh, because your bike will always come in last.

here's the 26 page thread about Opti2, so we don't have to re-hash it again:

i also want to add, for what it's worth, i rarely endorse any product, but when i find something i believe in, i'll do whatever i can to spread the word.
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