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Default Re: Attn: guys that run 100 to 1

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
You 100:1 guys are like B.A.S.E. jumpers to me.

If I tried 100:1, even with the correct oil, I would worry the engine into a seizure...
Joe I know exactly how ya feel, particularly given the... *cough* reputation for quality these lil Chinese engines have - but the flip side of that is given the low cost of the engine & ease of rebuild I figured, did it really matter?

I don't actually recommend 100:1 to people despite the fact I'm quite well satisfied with it & that between two different bikes running it I've managed to rack up almost 10,000 miles already without the slightest problem - but I'll admit there's less of a margin for error and without knowing the condition of the engine in question, it's fuel/air settings & condition of gaskets & seals - it may be better for peace of mind to just run a good oil @ 32:1... one less thing to worry about lol

Yet for me, the main reason I got into these things was modification & experimentation, trying to squeeze the most from the least I assumed from the get-go that these motors were "disposable" toys & that it'd be inevitable consequence of my tinkerin' to blow one up...

I've still not managed to... yet
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