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Default Re: Panama Jack Huffy Beach Cruiser

I'd like to thank you guys for posting pictures, so I could see what a finished bike might look like. I snagged one of the pictures one of you posted in this thread and did a mockup of my finished design in a photo editor... (see below)

What I'm aiming to build is something with a retro golden age of motorbikes look... a Model A so to speak for my naecent fairytale motorcycle shop. At $160 for the stock bike and another $100 for a Chinese engine off Ebay, plus adding some disc brakes, probably talking at least $300, and I can't see spending that on another motorbike when I already have one. Not to mention all the assembly work. $300 is a $hitLoad of money for me

Concept art & bike look/idea copyright ( c ) 2010 Starr Motorworks ;-)

I think the black engine looks better on this frame, don't you?

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