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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

Originally Posted by grinNbarritt View Post
Man wish I could find a bike like that at dump! I wouldnt even care if it was
Last summer I found a 24" 55 Huffman at the dump and the absolute best find of all was a 1950 Schwinn Straight bar, the same frame as on the Panther. The Huffman got burned in the back of my truck, but the Panther I have and it has been stripped down, painted black, has Sportscarpat's first Panther tank and in the fall I am hoping to be able to put a four stroke on it. I love shopping at the dump, the real Mall of America.

Chainmaker, When I got back to Minnesota this summer I put a free ad in the local paper asking for a 1950's or earlier balloon tire bike. The results have been interesting. I got a call from one old lady who had a JC Higgins in ridable condition for free. Oh boy... couldn't wait to see the treasure and when I did it was a 24 inch girls bike, middleweight from the sixties. Oh. So, I removed the peddle crank and arms which I think I can use on my current Worksman build and a couple other things that looked remotely usable, gave the front basket to my sister in law and took the carcass to the dump.
Another free one came up a week ago. It was a girls's bike, too, but full size, balloon tires and a Monark... also free. Woohoo, a Monark. I had visions of something like Fasteddys fabulous Monark Silver King... gonna be lots of good part on that one for sure and it turned out to be a plain jane middleweight I don't know what I'm going to do with. Today I spent $20.00 for a 1951 26" Schwinn girls bike in pretty good condition... skiptooth crank and chain, nice feather chainguard, Messinger springer seat that will be nice once reupholstered. New tubes and tires. I figured the tubes and tires were worth $20.00. Didn't spend much time looking at it, rolled it out of the darkish garage interior and loaded it onto the bike rack on the back of the Cherokee feeling pretty good about the purchase. When I got home I kept staring at the fenders and tires... something just didn't look right. The wheels were original painted rims in nice condition, no broken spokes and then it dawned on me that they had put middleweight tires on the balloon tire rims. Shoot. I'll remove the chain and sprocket and sell them on ebay and should recoup my $20.00, put the bike under cover and wait for another panther frame to show up... fork, fenders, seat, chainguard and headset will finish off the Panther frame into a complete bike. Nest week I'm supposed to go see a guy's sheds which he says are full of old bikes, one shed just has rims. Should be interesting, but I won't hold my breath. If I don't really expect to find anything wonderful, then I won't be disappointed and you never know what might turn up. I'm glad I place that ad.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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