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Default Re: Floridian in need.

Originally Posted by ropie View Post
we bought the kit from out of texas, and we didn't have the issue until after they closed up shop in texas. i will contact them first thing monday though. thanx all for the responses. swanman, what butterfly nut are you speaking of ?
if you are sitting on your bike... the right side of the engine has a cover...five or six screws...undo that...take cover off, and you will see a nut that has about six sides to it. next to the nut is the screw. loosen the screw so you can loosen the butterfly nut. I used needle nose plyers to grab mine. once you get the butterfly nut loosened, your bike should roll...with your clutch lever in. you will have to play with it. the trick is to get it loose enough to pedal the bike...and when you pop your clutch shouold turn the engine over. once you get the (nut) set to where you need need to tighten the little screw back down, so the (nut) does not move.
Where are you in Florida...Im in south FL Fort Lauderdale area
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