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Default Re: Floridian in need.

Who and where did you buy it from? Did you talk to them yet?

What brand is the motor?

Do not split the cases or pull it apsrt before talking to the seller.

Originally Posted by ropie View Post
Hello to all and hopefully I can get some help on a major problem. I bought my grandson a 66 cc bicycle motor kit and within 2 hours the crank has already seized. When we put it all together we made sure to put a little oil in the chamber and mixed fuel at 16 to 1. We did not run it hard and for only 15 minutes at a time and it just quit. when taking it apart, the first thought was the clutch froze or chain may have jammed but the crank itself is jammed. we haven't tore the case apart yet but we would like to know what the causes may have been to cause this. are the bearings on the crank needle bearings or sealed bearings? if anyone can give adise this would be greatly appreciated. it is very frustrating to have this happen this quickly. thanx for your time.
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