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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

Originally Posted by nolan_speed View Post
It's probably going to be really hard to sell something safe, reasonably reliable, attractive, and profitable. I mean, you need to snug up most of the bolts on the bike every few rides no matter what kind of bike it's on. Old quality mountain bikes (Trek, Specialized etc, not Wall mart style) would be the strongest, but they look pretty funky with a motor and a tank on them (in my opinion) and it would probably be hard to sell.

Personally, and I think most will agree, cruisers look the best with a motor on them but It's hard to find quality ones out there. There are the Wall mart ones that are really crap and you need to replace so many parts to make them decent that you end up tripling the price of them, and then there are the vintage ones but those are going to need to be gone through as well. It would be hard to make a nice looking quality bike and make any type of profit on it without getting close to the price of decent scooters or used motorcycles.
I agree I could have bought 2 more bikes for the cost of the wheels, and brakes. I'm looking at about 10 times what I paid for the bike. But I upgraded everything, changed it to a multi-speed and am using some custom,performance, and vintage parts. I plan on trying to selling it to fund the next project if I get it all back I'll be very surprised.
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