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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

Charles, I didn't think about mountain bikes. I should have like Nolan said an older steel mountain bike. That is what my bike is.

Maybe the cheaper walmart mountain bikes would be good. They have dual brakes and are maybe just all around more durable since they are more designed for off-road. They even have one on there that has front and rear disc brakes for under 200 dollars. I read one review on a 80 dollar mountain bike where the guy says he ran into a curb at 15 mph and jumps it and goes off road and the rim didn't bend. He said usually that is what goes first when he buys a bike but that one held up.

I was originally reluctant to do a mountain bike because I know most of you like the comfort of the cruisers and thought it would be easier to sell.

What do you guys think?

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