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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

bairdco, you are right. When I pulled the huffy out of the box and checked it out that is when my heart sank. I just wanted to make some cash on the side doing something I enjoy. I soon realized there was a moral dilemma here.

I agree with you that a descent motorized bike would really be above 1000 and that is getting into scooter territory. Anyone wanting to spend that on a motorized bike would probably be like us and want to do it themselves. A 500 dollar bike would attract the non mechanical type that just want to ride it now and they are the ones who would get hurt on it.

I think I have over a grand into my bike and I can say it is as bullet proof as it can be. My rear hub cost over 180 bucks alone. It feels as sturdy as a tank.

Maybe I will build the schwinn 7 speed with front and rear v-brakes and take the fenders off. I don't know, I need to think about it some more.
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