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Default Re: sturmey archer front dynamo debaucle?!

"I may be wrong on this so if I am you electrical geniuses please be gentle...but if the dynamo produces ac current (which is doubtful for a bike) then either direction won't make a difference, but LED bulbs won't light on AC power without extra stuff. If it is a DC dynamo I believe running it backwards would just change polarity, again no problem except that with LEDs do care which direction the current runs so you would have to install them backwards as well...That is my understanding of things, but I am an not an expert.">>>ferball...sorry forgot to quote so I cheated

yes, thank you, I too understand the basics of electricity. but, we're talking bout cheep chinese **** w/a single wire running to either light, which kinda confuses me as well, unless the current were somehow running through the frame to complete a circuit?

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