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Default Re: What is the best bike to build to sell?

i've got mixed feelings about "cheapest."

a cheap bike is just that, cheap. it has lousy wheels, fenders, brakes, etc, and it was never intended to be motorized. all those parts will wear out quickly, need to be replaced, and most importantly, can be dangerous, even deadly, especially to a new rider with no skills or the ability to diagnose and repair a problem before it becomes a catastrophe.

this forum is full of people with the exact same problems, and the exact same bikes. fender failures, wheel problems, overheated coaster brakes, broken axles, etc.

it's amazing that there's not numerous threads from injured people, with all the chain tensioners going through people's spokes and fenders wrapping up. (maybe they're too injured to type.)

people have told me i should build up cheap bikes to get a start in this "business," and to get my name out there, but i have a different set of standards when it comes to my bikes. i'd love to make an "entry level" bike out of brand new parts, and it's possible, but i don't think i could sell it for under $1000 after all the upgrades for safety and reliability.

i hate seeing new companies pop-up, and all they have to offer is a mass-produced china product with holes drilled in the frame and 14g. spokes, and while they're selling them new for over a grand, end up on craigslist for less than half that, and you have a disillusioned seller who wants nothing to do with a stupid toy bicycle with a toy motor.

i think anyone who really wants to make this a business, and not just a quick-buck scheme, should do some research and build a product that helps our "hobby" to progress, instead of just being a dying fad.
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