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Default Re: MB that'll run on beer

Originally Posted by Lay'emLow View Post
Ive been messin around with bits and pieces of this build here and there. I just cut the mini keg to where I want it to fit and man am I happy with the look it created. The heineken logo isnt that important to me... actually it looks kind of funny being the only piece of the bike that isnt weathered. I was actually thinking of stripping it to bare metal and letting it get a little surface rust (patina to the classy ones).

I snapped some pictures to let you guys see what direction Im heading. Look close in the bottom of the wide shot and you may spot another upgrade from my last build. Ill give you a clue, it rhymes with kift sh-t.

I didnt realize how thin the mini keg's metal is. Ill definitely blow right thru it with my flux core mig. I think it may come down to renting something for more delicate work from harbor freight. Any recommendations?

Thanks for lookin yall!
mini keg lol this is gotta be funny
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