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Default Re: shorten/lengthen throttle cable?

O.K. so maybe I'm retarded. It has been a long while since i have soldered something, but something needed to be done quick. I started my bike today at the mall, and it popped a wheelie and started to go down the street without me after i pull started it due to a congested/rigged throttle cable. You should have seen it, it was a sight, everyone was looking at me as I was running down the street with my bike trying to control it after it was wanting to leave without me. So something needed to be done quick. I watched Norm's Youtube video, and went in and bought a propane torch kit, that has everything with it for $20.00 at Lowes. It had the propane, the torch, silver bearing solder, flux, and a brush.

I make my little nub out of copper wire, dip it in flux, and heat it(tin the two properties) and then try and add solder to it to make a union, but the solder just forms a bubble and dribbles off of the nub.

What am I doing wrong? Did I get the wrong solder? or will silver bearing solder work?

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