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Default Re: Question from new guy

I'm not suggesting you break the law or anything, but it is pretty hard to tell looking at the motors if is is 50cc or 66cc. The 66 are pretty much standard now as just about everybody running a China girl engine goes with the slightly higher powered one. Neither is a powerhouse, so I appreciate the little extra boost from the 66. Some hills I can climb under just motor power with the 66 I can not with a 50. Even with the 66 people do what they can to improve the power, not necessarily to go faster, but for the engine to run better and have a bit more torque. Nothing is stamped on the motor saying what it's displacement is.
BGF has great prices and quick shipping. I have run several and then I got a dud which I was stuck with. I have decided since to pay a little more up front for better customer service. There are some fine vendors who advertise on this forum who do give good customer service. Dax and Pirate are ones I've had good experiences with. Sometimes the cheapest is more expensive in the long run...
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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