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Default Re: Favorite Riding Shoe (s)

Most of the time I wear moccasins I make out of elk hide. I stitch rubber soles on them and mine are tie up high tops with arched insoles. Very comfy. I have to make a few pair since all my good ones got burned in my truck fire. Just got some elk hide for doing bike seats and handlebar grips, so moccasins and a new pair of mukluks for next winter will get cut out, too. Also have to make a cell phone case for my brother and three fringed knife sheaths for a neighbor. For crappy weather I wear some kind of stout clodhopper shoe/boot. Usually I go through maybe five or six pair of moccasins a year. Can't tell you how satisfying it is to make your own shoes, mittens, winter boots, fur lined hats, sheaths, belts, bags, wallet or whatever I need. Kind of like building your own bike and then riding it. Cool.
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