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Default Re: "Jenny Irene" So-far

rear disc brakes work great....New problem has top hat adapters available, I had planned to go with one from KINGS (shift kit is out of the budget right now) and there was another thread that kings re-funded for a sprocket adapter not delivered, I sent him an e-mail anyways. Sent Firebelly 3 e-mails asdking about their adapter with no reply. Plan B I dont want to lace in a new coaster hub so I think I am going to add caliper brakes the bike has the mount, and I can mount a 39 tooth Kings disc mount sprocket (bought last year) on the current hub, use the disc brake on the Monarch forks. Just waiting for My MM mount to order the engine!!

Here she is waiting for the hairpin seat I got off e-bay, and MM mount. The rear disc is off and the Kings Sprocket is on. Rear pull brakes on order. I think I am going to keep it a single speed motor and pedal-only multi-speed. She is going to be for sale when done to fund a Vintage Panther or worksman.
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