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Default Re: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle

Originally Posted by Tad Bit Tipsy View Post
That thing doesn't make it own hydrogen. It only runs off tanks. You'd have to build a pretty big bike to fit a water to hydrogen conversion, but they are working on it for some trucks/vans/big rigs. The problem is size verses output, to get the kind of hydrogen output for even a bike fuel cell, over half the bike would have to be the electrolysis setup. By the time you add the water tank and a fuel cell, that's a heavy bike. Believe me, I worked to design something like this for a sailboat, to replace the diesel with an electric engine and run it off of a fuel cell system that got hydrogen from electrolysis through my water tank system, but by the time I added all the system, tanks and extra water tanks... too heavy and bulky to fit, even in a 42 ft three masted schooner.
now if you read what I said, down below..

Originally Posted by MadC View Post
This is basically like sitting on a bomb... hydrogen tanks in the back? yup... it's a bomb...

we need on demand hyrdrogen production through electrolisis... and this is possible to create on a 4 stroke engine...

I will attempt this for I have a chopper trike I just bought for $100.00, fixer upper...

I was going to try it witha 2 stroke engine, but I doubt it is possible because of the oil/gas mix needed...

anybody know of propane style hook ups to a 2 stroke engine might be able to supplement the propane for hydrogen

there is a way to produce hydrogen safely from electricity... I've already done it in my shed with hydrogen torches.

with a 12v battery it can be done.. the engine on a 2 stroke bicycle only has 6v outage, so you would need more power basically to produce the hydrogen.

google it.. (youtube video it too)
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