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Cool Re: whats the CHEAPEST kit you can buy?

Originally Posted by Salty Gator View Post
Hey Kick,
You're more'n welcome man! Snap judgements I fully understand....I'm a tad prone to those myself..." Let's Get Cynical....Let's Get Cynical ".....LOL !...But honestly....Zoom works for me....and I ride the crap out of my bikes.....I've enclosed some snaps of the two bikes utilizing those engines....hope it helps !

Talk soon,
Well let me start off by saying that in your first picture that it looks like an tight fit in that frame , Almost as tight as the frame on my ďNextĒ brand named bicycle. You done an good job ! Sounds like you love your bikes. And thanks an heap for the information. I will be making the plunge soon . Hopefully in the next two weeks . The bank is going to repo my car Friday and I need some kind of reliable transportation ; no tags no helmet no insurance will be nice for a while! Beats walking! . And some people donít even have that! So it could always be worse ! I walked my bike through wall mart and loaded the front basket to keep it from being stolen LOL , until they said I couldnít do it no more LOL I now chain it to the fence in the garden department LMAO. been unemployed for 11 months now ....( bummer) But Iím still kicking ,, latter ,,, and thanks !! My Future Build >
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