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Default Re: New Guy here! w/ a good story

Originally Posted by bigdaddychopper View Post
sorry guys I'm good now..........

Well I'm new to the motor bike world, I haven't even bin a bike in 10 or 15 years and I was on craigslist and I stumbled on a Schwinn Stingray OCC chopper bike for a great price(not running of course) small stuff here and there and I finally had her running real good, went to my brothers house and back a couple of time in 1 day (5 miles total) the next day I went to show my father I finally got her running and i went down my drive way and got her started, i got it up to 15mph and punched it and the motor mount weld broke and engine fell cousing the engine to shut off and LOCK the rear tire...YAY!! cover you eyes girls but my balls still hurt! Ya funny I know

But ill get her running and running stronger than before. this is what happends when you trust someone elses work

Hope you had a laugh

Welcome big sorry to hear about the engine thing glad to hear that it was not worse.
Cheers from Blow By U
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