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Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i hate those pink air boxes on the "speed" carb, which is exactly the same as the NT carb, except it doesn't say "speed."

whoops. sorry. i mean, nice bike!
I have to agree, the pink/ red plastic crap that comes on the "speed" carb is gargage, however, I have noticed lots of diffrences between the "speed" carb, and the NT carb. First is the channel in which the air/ fuel flows through is a bit larger than the NT, as is the slide. The second fuel shutoff is a bit of a joke, but the thing that upset me with the speed carb was that the jet was suppose to have a larger hole than the NT, it did not. I mixed pieces from both carbs on the speed housing, and put on my black NT "airbox", and have had more top end "speed", than from the NT. Not as much torque however. And I must add the bike on the tread is pretty cool. nice work.
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