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Another question to answer is who are the bikes to be built for? Young people interested in cool and speed? Middle age riders maybe looking at it more as affordable transportation plus fun. Old timers who remember fat wheeled cruisers from their youth and who may be more interested in comfort than speed? Not that no old timers like speed, and some of the young may be very interested in reliable transportation more than coolness. Who are the customers? Often the young don't have any money. Middle aged make more, but also have greater expenses with families, buying a home, etc. The well off and retired folks may have more money available to spend on something they like. Your question isn't a simple one, but is wise to ask. Another way to go about it might be to just build the bike as if it is for you, to please your sensibilities and tastes. Let the bike attract the buyer who it appeals to, in other words. That's my strategy.
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