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Default Re: Need some help with monarch replica front susp.

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
Here's what I do... I redrill the holes in the fork legs to the same size as the holes in the dropouts. Then move the dropouts to the outside of the fork legs & put the shoulder bolts through from the inside so that the nylock nuts are on the out side of the fork legs & throw away the large spacer washers. I also leave the bolts just loose enough the let the suspension work freely.
If you still need a little extra room for the wheel?, just bend the fork legs apart a bit.

This pic doesn't fully show everything, but you can get the picture.
Just a couple more questions;

I see you painted them. did you just use spray paint?

Right now I weigh 125 pounds, (seriously, I've been sick). I'm worried that the springs will be too stiff for my weight and not give any suspension. Anybody have an idea about how to reduce the spring rate?

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