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Default Re: whats the CHEAPEST kit you can buy?

i think this is one of the most asked questions on this forum (in a round a bout way).

back when i joined this forum i asked the same thing before i decided where to go. alot of pressure was on me to go with thatsdax for reliability and customer service ect... but at the time i found a cheaper deal with boygofast on ebay. i knew what i was getting myself into,but couldn't argue cause im so tight on money.the engine kit i bought cost 110 bucks with shipping, but took 5 days to get to me in chicago (man i was pacing the floor waiting for it to come).

so heres the scoop, if you want cheap.... search thru here,google or ebay. its really a crap shoot on what your buying. i can tell you that luckyearlybird and boygofast on ebay has sent me wrong engines and shotty parts but i did at least get one good engine kit from them and it is my first engine kit and i still use it as we speak. if you can hold out for 20 to 50 more bucks id HIGHLY recommend finding a the cheapest grubee 2 stroke kit. from everything ive read and seen those engines are well worth the money and longevity.

good luck on your cheap engine quest.
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